2015-2016 World Religions, University of Utah
2015-2016 Ethics and Moral Problems, Salt Lake Community College
2014-2015 Introduction to Philosophy, Salt Lake Community College
2013-2016 Ethics and Values, Utah Valley University (Syllabus – PDF)
2012 Ethics in Contemporary Society, Argosy University
2010-2011 Reasoning and Rational Decision Making Lab (LEAP program)*, University of Utah
 2009 Reasoning and Rational Decision Making (Online), University of Utah
2007-2008 Introduction to Philosophy: God, Faith, and Reason, University of Utah (Syllabus – PDF)
2006-2008 Introduction to Philosophy: Survey, University of Utah (Syllabus – PDF)
*The LEAP (Learning, Engagement, Achievement, Progress) program provides a “year-long learning community that enables new students to transition more confidently to college and to play an active role in their own education” (http:\\leap.utah.edu). I taught the Reasoning and Rational Decision Making lab in conjunction with the regular PHIL 1250 course which was taught by Justin Garson. The purpose of the Lab was to provide LEAP pre-law students with additional help with the course material, supplement the course with additional material, and instruction how to make use of the course material as an aid to preparing for the LSAT exam.